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Print Media Will Always Remain Relevant and Credible

Shri Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu CM of Himachal Pradesh felicitating IJU President Sreenivas Reddy in confederation meet at Chandigarh
Himachal Pradesh CM Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu felicitating IJU President Sreenivas Reddy in confederation meet at Chandigarh

To meet emerging challenges in the print media industry, the Chief Minister of Punjab, Bhagwant Singh Mann today rooted for ensuring a conducive work atmosphere for field journalists and providing them the requisite wherewithal. Delivering the inaugural address at the  2-day All India Media Meet of the Confederation of Newspapers and News Agencies Employees Organizations, being organized by the Tribune Employees Union here, the Chief Minister said that though change in the industry is inevitable, the print media will always remain relevant and credible, and the stakeholders need to rise to the occasion. Deliberating on the nuances of the media in carrying out their duties, Mann advised journalists focus of important socially and economically relevant issues rather than pursuing petty topics. Stressing on free, fair and accountable journalism, the chief minister asked the media industry to continually evolve measures to further raise the standards of the print media. Ashok Agarwal, senior advocate highlighted the legal aspects and the required safety mechanisms for the media. He called for a safe and protective work environment for the employees.

There is need for bringing social security for journalists if we want to keep the fourth pillar of democracy unbiased and independent. For this, we will provide all possible assistance to journalists to discharge their duties and keep some budgetary allocations for their welfare. This was stated by the Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh, Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu, while addressing the main session of All India Media Meet of Confederation of Newspaper and News Agencies Employees’ Organizations. The Meet was hosted by The Tribune Employees Union. Addressing the delegates, who have converged here from across the country for the two day Meet, Chief Minister Sukhu also lauded The Tribune group for remaining unbiased in its reporting and always maintaining high journalistic ethics. “This is the reason that The Tribune group has managed to survive for over a century. I also appreciate how The Tribune group has always evolved itself with changing times. Besides running its newspapers, they are also doing well in the web space,” he said.

The Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh also highlighted the steps taken by his government since he took over the reins of the state. “Our focus is on promoting green industry; reducing carbon emissions; promoting solar and hydro energy; and, taking Himachal Pradesh on a growth trajectory. We have inherited a debt of Rs 75000 crore and Rs 11000 crore as unpaid dues. The debt in each Himachal resident is Rs 92840. But all efforts are being made to bring sustainable development,” he said, highlighting the welfare scheme introduced for destitute children and women. Himachal Social Security and Health Minister Col Dhani Ram Shandil, called for the need of a free and fair media to help and guide even policy makers. While highlighting the Mukh Mantri Sukh Ashray Yojana, said that all destitute children will be considered “Children of the State”, and their welfare and education will be the responsibility of the state government till they reach 27 years of age.Gurmeet Singh, Professor of Department of Hindi, Panjab University, discussed the emerging challenges in the print media industry. He stressed on the need for evolving with changing times by continuously upgrading skills by journalists and redesigning the format of publications, while still maintains high journalistic and ethical standards.

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