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Perni Venkatramaiah has Released The “Media Dairy -2022” Published by the APUWj

Perni Venkatramaiah ,the Minister for Information and Public Relations, Transport ,Cenematography ,Government of Andhra Pradesh has Released The “Media Dairy -2022” Published by the APUWJ at his Residence on 12 th January In his native town Machalipatnam.

On this occasion he Assured The leaders of the APUWJ to arrange a meeting with them to have a through discussion on the pending Issues related to the working journalists of the State. The leaders of the APUWJ raised different Issues Related to the Media during their interaction with the Minister.

The IJU Vice President Ambati Anjaneyulu , Member of the IJU NEC D.Somasundar , the president of the APUWJ I.V.SubbaRao, General Secretary, Chandu Janardhan, Vice President K.Jayaraj were in the Delegation Which met the Minister for I&PR, Govt of AP.

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