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India slipped to 161st position in Press Freedom Index: Balwinder Jammu

Balwinder Jammu, verbal attacks on journalists are fatal for democracy

India slipped to 161st position in Press Freedom Index – Balwinder Jammu, verbal attacks on journalists are fatal for democracy –
Struggle continues for pension, bus and rail pass and other facilities for journalists working in the field – Jai Singh Chhibber. Raikot (09/07/23) Balwinder Singh Jammu, General Secretary of Indian Journalist Union and Jai Singh Chhibber, Acting President of Punjab Chandigarh Journalist Union, said that in the present times India’s print and electronic media have been captured by corporates. Due to the undeclared emergency of the present central government, we have slipped to 161st place in the Press Freedom Index. Addressing the important meeting of Coordination Committee of Journalists belonging to Punjab Chandigarh Journalist Union in Raikot, Jammu and Chhibber said that the declining level of press freedom in India is a matter of great concern for democracy and people. But we do not have to give up the honesty has to go on doing our work fearlessly. He reiterated his resolve to continue the struggle to get the legitimate demands of the journalists, especially those working in the field. Bar has reneged on promises. In this matter, there is a need to respond with unity and restraint to the pressure of the governments to suppress the protests by journalists.

Addressing the coordination committee meeting chaired by Raikot Press Club president and senior journalist Santokh Gill, Jammu and Chhibber said that journalists working in the field have to face maximum hardships and the government is working on their rights. There are only about 4500 yellow card holder journalists in Punjab, to whom the government can give all legitimate facilities if they want, but there is a lack of honesty in the intention, they have provided full bus and rail pass facilities including pension, medical and insurance for field journalists. Normally demanded to be given through single window system. Apart from this, it also demanded to cancel the fake police cases filed to suppress the voice of journalists. With unanimous consent in the meeting, in strong words against American female journalist Sabrina Siddiqui for making indecent comments and humiliation on social media in India. Journalists associated with Punjab Chandigarh Journalist Union were also given identity cards during the meeting.

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