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IJU has strongly condemned the assault on journalists covering a Hindu Mahapanchayat

The Indian Journalists Union (IJU) has strongly condemned the assault on journalists covering a Hindu Mahapanchayt at Burari in the outskirts of Delhi and questioned the delay on the part of Delhi Police in taking action against the culprits.

The Delhi Police so far have registered 4 FIRs relating to the developments at the Mahapanchayat where open calls were given by some people who are out on bail in Haridwar hate speech case, to take up arms against Muslims and the journalists there covering the event were attacked.

In a statement issued on 6 April 2022  IJU President K. Sreenivas Reddy and Secretary General Balwinder Singh Jammu took exception to the fact that no arrests have been made so far despite booking 4 FIRs. They also questioned the rationale behind booking an FIR against journalists for tweeting facts about the happenings at Burari Mahapanchayat.

It is most unfortunate that the Delhi Police besides allowing the gathering to proceed for hours without permission have remained mute spectators to the assault by unruly elements against journalists, the IJU leaders said. They demanded immediate action against all those who are responsible for the attack.


  1. Sreenivas Reddy Balwinder Singh Jammu

President                                                                        Secretary General

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