Indian Journalists union


The group insurance of Rs. five lacs each for all the members in Haryana

All the members of the IJU affiliated Hayana Pratrakar Sangh are covered by a group insurance or RS 5 Lacs each. The annual premium of this insurance is paid by Hayana Patrakar Sangh. So far 17 lacs rupees has been distributed to the bereaved families of our fellow journalists.

A similar Scheme has been started by IJU affiliated Andhra Pradesh Union of Working journalists (APUWJ)

Journalists Welfare Fund

Bihar Working Journalists union( Patna), Indian Journalists Association (Kolkata), Gujarat Journalisst union (Ahmedabad) have set up a journalists welfare board to provide assistance to journalists and their families at the time of need.

Pension Scheme

In Kerala, Bihar and Tamilnadu pension scheme was started by the respective state government, through our struggle